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What we do

We offer a variety of legal services and solutions over the Internet, but mainly specialize in Insolvency Law, which includes:

  • Bankruptcy applications of Individuals;
  • Forced sequestration applications;
  • Liquidation applications of companies (forced and voluntary);
  • Rehabilitation applications for individuals;
  • Insolvency Inquiries.


We have successfully assisted individuals, companies and close corporations with bankruptcy applications, liquidations, sequestrations, rehabilitation applications and administration orders across Gauteng, North West, Mpumalanga, Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Limpopo, Free State, KwaZulu-Natal and Northern Cape. We  can assist anyone with access to the internet in South Africa or abroad.


The Firm

The firm was initially established by Dionne Francois Lamprecht, a well-known senior attorney in North West., as a general practice on the 1st of May 1995 under the name Dionne Lamprecht Attorneys. It remained a general practice for almost a decade, offering a comprehensive range of legal services to its clients, before the decision was made to commit to expanding its core business services relating to Insolvency Law and certain aspects of Matrimonial Law.


Four years later Dionne Lamprecht Incorporated was registered with the aim of offering clients a better, one-stop-shop service on a national basis over the internet. A national network was established to facilitate bankruptcy applications on a national basis and since then the firm has grown from strength to strength.


Today, the offices of Dionne Lamprecht Incorporated is situated at 155 Bethlehem Drive, Rustenburg, North West Province. Our staff members are selected specifically for their individual expertise and commitment to the firm and its clients. Our Insolvency Division currently consists of 5 dedicated staff members, who form our most dynamic team of Insolvency Law experts ever, using specialized tailor-made software that was exclusively developed for the firm to enable us to render a uniquely professional, yet personalized service at an very affordable prices.


We have already established ourselves as the leading firm when it comes to bankruptcy applications, and to the best of our knowledge....  the only firm operating actively on a national level in this specific field. 


Our Mission

We not no not desire to be the biggest in our field, only to be the best at what we do! We will continuously strive to improve our service delivery, by becoming more efficient without ever compromising on the quality of our services.


Our Vision

We aim to be the ones setting the benchmark in service delivery within our industry and chosen fields, offering our clients exceptional service at a competitive, market related price.


Our Motto

Exceptionally Efficient & Effective.


Our Values

1) Client Focused and Results Driven;

2) Leading by Example and Accepting Accountability;

3) Building long-lasting relationships on Loyalty & Trust; 

4) Commitment to always aspiring to improve.


Our Clients

Our clients’ respective satisfaction and approval is considered to be the ultimate compliment. If, for whatever reason, you as a client are dissatisfied with any of our services, kindly bring it to our attention by sending us an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we undertake to investigate and resolve the matter within 72 hours, excluding weekends.


BEE Policy & Demographics

Although we are currently exempted from formally implementing BEE, we firmly believe that if you want it, earn it! We strive to empower people of any race, colour, gender and age - only if they also strive to do so for themselves. At this stage, 62% of our staff consists of females, more than 50% of which fulfil core functions of the company.

Our demographics on 15 March 2016:

Females: 10  (1 black; 9 white)   -   Males: 6  (4 black; 2 white)


Social Responsibility

We are currently in the process of setting up a JV with a charity... More to follow soon on future projects.



We have listed a few clients' comments as references.  Contact details to validate their comments will only be given at the request of new potential clients, if the specific client had consented thereto.



Very often we receive letters of complaint but today I would like to take the opportunity to thank Your Company for the efficient service that my fiancé and I received with regards to our ANC.

I would like to commend Jillian for her efforts in assisting us. It was certainly a pleasure having her assist us with one of the most important documents of our lives. She has truly been such a great help and she has made what would have been a tedious process so quick and easy.

You can be rest assured that I will recommend your company to anyone I come across that might need your assistance. It is reassuring to know that we have dealt with a company of such exceptional standards.

Thank You.

DENISE PILLAY- Executive Search Consultant, Antal International, Johannesburg


Thank you SO very much for the wonderful service and updates on our case - you guys absolutely rock!!!

We will also sit tight to hear from you regarding the document to be scanned to us and I again thank you for your help!

Have a wonderful day! You really made this aspect of my marriage a pleasure to sort out considering the sensitiveness of the situation!



Thanks for the EXCELLENT service.

Kind regards,

LIEZEL - Business Banking, Nedbank Corporate


I want to confirm the arrival of the documents as promised. I would also like to express my appreciation of the way the whole thing was conducted, it was so professional and dignified and affordable. Keep up the good work you were wonderful.

I will surely recommend all my friends to your service.



We have received our antenuptial contract. Thank you for all the hard work and information on what to do.

Best Regards


Thanks so much for all the help, I found it to be a very professional and good service.

Kind regards


I did receive my contract. Thank you for your excellent service, I will recommend your company to any person that needs such a service.

Yours truly,

TERESA PUTTER - Huis Protea Home


Thanks once again for the trouble you are going to, to get everything organised in such a short time. We appreciate your efficiency.


Thanks a million for the wonderful service we received from you. I will recommend your firm wherever we go.

Kind regards,

JC LAURENT- Technical Manager, Arts Centre, University of Johannesburg


Thank you for your service, I will recommend it to others.



Confirming I have received the Antenuptial Contract. Many thanks for your excellent service.




Thank you so much I have received the contract. All your assistance and hard effort is much appreciated by my husband and myself.

Thanks again

Naseema Moola- Manageress


Thanks for keeping us in the loop.Great service!

Kind regards




Thanking you for all your kind assistance in this regard.


Jyoti  DayaRAS - Management and Support, PricewaterhouseCoopers


Baie dankie. Ek het die ANC gister gekry. Dit was werkilik 'n plesier om met julle besigheid te doen.


Dr JD JULIES - Medical Superintendent, Senior Surgical Sciences Division, Tygerberg Academic Hospital


We received it, guys I want to thank you for the “due professional care” you put into your work. I was so impressed that you could deliver such exceptional work without ever meeting once.

God bless.

BESKY MMABATHO CHRIS-MUHIA- Manager, Group Internal Audit, AdvTech Group


The registered Antenuptial Contract has been received. Thank you for the excellent service.


Gary Schach

This is to confirm that I have received the original registered ANC from you today. Thank you very much for your assistance. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I really appreciate the ease with which the transaction was carried out.

Best Regards / Vriendelike Groete

DENISE MINNAAR- Secretary to Country Divisional Head, Bayer (Pty) Ltd


Thanks once again for your help - it was a pleasure dealing with you.

Simon Alcock


Thank you so much for the outstanding service. I will most certainly recommend your service to other people!!




I have indeed received the contract. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.


FRASER DODGE - Publishing Editor, Absolute Magazine Publishers (Pty) Ltd

Administration Orders

  • Application for Administration Orders;
  • Financial Inquiries;
  • Rescission of Administration Orders.


Company Law

We only tend to certain aspects of Company Law, including but not limited to:

  • Name Reservations;
  • Registration of Companies;
  • Appointment of Directors & Auditors;
  • Resignation of Directors & Auditors;
  • Issuing of Share Certificates;
  • Secretarial Services;
  • Updating of Company Records & Registers;
  • Drafting of Shareholder Agreements;
  • Liquidation of Companies.


Deceased Estate Administration

We tend to all aspects of Deceased Estate Administration, including but not limited to:

  • Reporting new Deceased Estates;
  • Appointment of Executors / Executrix;
  • Day-to-day Administration;
  • Drafting of Liquidation and Distribution Accounts.


Divorce Cases

We tend to all aspects of Divorce Cases, including but not limited to:

  • Issuing of the Summons;
  • Family Violence Interdicts;
  • Rule 43 Applications;
  • Settlement Negotiations;
  • Claiming Pension Benefits.


Estate Administration

  • Ante-nuptial Contracts;
  • Deceased Estate Management;
  • Estate planning;
  • Trust Registration;
  • Wills (drafting and acting as Executor)


Family Law

We only tend to certain aspects of Family Law, including but not limited to:

  • Ante-nuptial Contracts;
  • Changing of Matrimonial Property Regimes;
  • Divorce Cases;
  • Family Violence Interdicts;
  • Post-nuptial Contracts;
  • Settlement Negotiations.


Insolvency Law

We tend to all aspects of Insolvency Law, including but not limited to:

  • Bankruptcy applications of Individuals;
  • Compositions & Compromises;
  • Creditor Meeting attendance;
  • Insolvency Inquiries;
  • Liquidation applications of companies (forced and voluntary);
  • Rehabilitation applications;
  • Sequestration applications;
  • Voluntary Surrenders.


Liquidation of Companies

  • Business Rescue;
  • Liquidation by Special Resolution;
  • Liquidation by application to Court;
  • Attendance of Creditor Meetings;
  • Insolvency Inquiries.


Matrimonial Matters

  • Ante-nuptial Contracts (drafting, notarisation and registration);
  • Late Registration of Ante-nuptial Contracts;
  • Changing of marital regimes;
  • Postnuptial Contracts.


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Office Manager

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